News and Updates - FAA Announces New Supersonic Rulemaking


LeBourget, FranceToday in remarks at an Innovation Panel before Paris Air Show attendees, FAA Acting Administrator Dan Elwell said the U.S. will ensure and enable safer and more innovative technologies to enter new aviation segments.

As anexample,Elwell announced a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking(NPRM)thatmodifies and clarifiesexisting regulatory procedures to obtain FAA approval to testsupersonic aircraft.The NPRM is a first, necessarymilestonetoward the reintroducingcivil supersonic flight.

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the FAA are committed towardthe safe and environmentally-sound research and development of supersonic aircraft, said Elwell. We areconfidentin the next generationofaviation pioneers who want to open new opportunities for business, economic, and aviation growth.

With a number of supersonic aircraft projects currently under development in the U.S., Elwell highlighted this NPRM ensures that these companies have more accessible information and an efficient process to gain FAA approval to conduct flight testing.